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Montag, 2. Mai 2016


Constructionside with Jacob
First skatepark in Ethiopia, they build, no rain they said, its Africa they say. More then 60 concret hooligans put the but tho the old world, so this is was happend. Was great to be a part of it. Alles Baustelle und Assis. Love every one who made this possible. Cheers Serge. <3

Super G, Super Max at the Mercato in Addis

once a day rain was "normal"
Addi and the kids from Tutsimountain
Addis Ababa


on the left Gianluca and the skyline

Baumi, Koloss, Yamato, Punkclown

ABD- tripple nipple

first day of skateing the new park

last pouring and pumping, flat, Douglas and his concret burn after!

damian n fin on craidel


shaved, last houers befor i got one week sick


cheapest bar all around, redlights

the stairs thing

handmixing craidle

left to right, fancy



first wall

Jakob n Shake

aussi n south afrika

okok, graubünde,

felix at woodwork
the cutingtable

jeppa !!!

dopple Baumi thing

Alis, CPH

the nordic conection

Samstag, 13. Februar 2016

Addis, ethiopia

Support this wounderful projekt for the skate community in Addis!
For a free Skatepark every one can juse it!


Samstag, 9. Januar 2016

DIY Bergland ***NEWS***


Goodnews in rainy days!!!!!!!!!

from _lifegrinder +Instagram 

the rat hole Chur get some more corners

Basel crowfunding the cash for the portland skatehall, hell yeah!!!!

Bern gets a DIY pool

2016 is massiv!!!!!!!!!

Sonntag, 27. Dezember 2015

Marcel, Spotter, Friends, BCN

DIY International, ouer friend Marcel skate the Spotter DIY in Barcelona, enjoi it

Samstag, 28. November 2015

Basel need you!

Support ouer freunde from Basel/ Portland they really need a new rooftop!!!!!
Verein Trendsport WeMakeIt from Verein Trendsport on Vimeo.

Freitag, 23. Oktober 2015

It fades away...

Here we are again, in the last days of a spot. A spot we built with love and sweat. A spot we paid rent with our pain and broken bones.

Ollie fakies in this wallride are no fun. Actually, nothing is fun down there. Boris. Photo: Nicolas Buechi

That's quite crazy. How to get there. In this spot. Serge knows. Photo: Nicolas Buechi

5 people on deck and it is crowded. No problem for the Bavarian Bazooka. Photo: Nicolas Buechi

That's Linus. Say hello. Photo: Nicolas Buechi

This kid again. Frontside Blunts on the hip. Not bad yo. Photo: Nicolas Buechi

Does he have a name? Dunno, not important. Style counts. Photo: Nicolas Buechi

This is Marco and he likes to jump from Wall to Wall. He's like Spiderman. Photo: Nicolas Buechi

He's awesome and angry and this is a skateboard trick. Luca. Photo: Nicolas Buechi